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In-Car WiFi

We want to make every trip of yours as convenience as possible.

We offer WiFi service in our our cars at extra cost of 100 THB / Day.
This will turn your car into a 3g / 4g Internet Hotspot, enabling you and your passenger to use WiFi Internet while traveling in our cars.


Enjoy WiFi Internet connection on all our cars today at extra cost of 100 THB per day.

Enabling WiFi function on your car will make the trip a lot more enjoyable for your passengers.

Technical specification :

1.5 GB of 3g / 4g Internet bandwidth is included daily.
After 1.5GB usage, the speed drops from 3g / 4g to 128 kbps

In general, a 1 minute 1080p YouTube video consumes approximately 30 MBs of Bandwidth and 720p YouTube Video consumes about 15 MB's of Bandwidth.