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Driver License Requirement to Rent A Car & Drive in Thailand

Confused about driver license you need to drive and rent a car in Udon Thani?

Don’t be! In this guide, we will explain it all to you.

Can i use driver license from my home country in Thailand?
Driver license from europe

Yes! You may drive rent a car and drive in Thailand with only driver license issued from your home country.
Under the circumstances that your driver license is in English language.

However, If your driver license is in another language rather than English language, than it would need to be accompanied by International Driving Permit.

Why would i need International driving permit?

By law it is required for you to always carry both driver license and international driving permit if your drivers license is non-English language. The International driving permit basically translates your driver license to English.

In event of accident and the driver fails to present the International driving permit, the insurance company may deny all claims and the renter will become financially responsible for the damages as well as you will most likely get a fine at every police check points you encounter in Thailand.

Our tip is to carry International driving permit together with your driver license at all time when driving in Thailand if your driver license is in non-English language!

Do you actually need a Thai drivers license to drive a car in Thailand?

Driver license requirement to rent a car

By Thai Law, you are permitted to drive on driver license from your home country for 12 months, after that you must get a Thai driver license.
If you plan to stay for longer period than 12 months at a time or plan to move to Thailand permanently than we would recommend you to get a Thai drivers license.

How do i get a Thai Drivers License?

The process of getting a Thai drivers license is very easy and you should prepare to dedicate 1 full day for this process.

Start off by visiting the Ministry of Transportation.
In Udon Thani, that’s located in “Noon soong” district, located about 20 km driving towards Khon Kaen.

(GPS coordinates : 17.269737, 102.878867)

Documents required for applying for a Thai driver license.

  1. Passport
  2. Health certificate
  3. Certificate of address
  4. Driver license from your home country (If available)

Where can i obtain the required documents?

Health certificate
can be obtained from most health clinics and hospital in Thailand.
The cost for issuing the health certificate vary depending clinic / hospital you choose.  but should be around 100 – 300 THB.

Certificate of address is issued at the Immigration office, in Udon Thani that’s located at the police station on posri / srisuk road. (GPS Coordinates : 17.406452, 102.788965 )