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How to properly use air-conditioning in the car.

There are basically 2 modes in a car air-conditioning system.
There is “Air recirculation mode” and “Fresh air intake mode”
how to correctly turn on A/C in car

The concept of this is very easy, think of it as a regular home Air condition.

Air recirculation mode is when you turn on your AC with shut doors and windows.
Your air-conditioning will be able to work very effectively and be able to cool your room very fast and will also isolate the room from any bad smell outside the room.

Fresh air intake mode is when you turn on your AC with wide-open doors and windows.
The air condition will not be able to cool the room due to hot air is constantly getting into the room and all the smells surrounding the room will get in.

Most of the time, we recommend our customers to use only the “air recirculation mode” on their rental vehicle, we strongly advise you to not use the fresh air intake mode as when driving in city area or in traffic jam because it will suck in exhaust and other unpleasant smell from other cars or any bad smell that is surrounding your car and may make you groggy or feel sick.

The only time we can think of that you may want to use the “Fresh air intake mode” is when Fog builds up on the car windows. usually, this happens only in the winter time.
Fog build up on windows when there is a difference in temperature on the windows inside and outside.
By selecting Fresh air intake mode, the exact same air that is outside will get into the car, therefore the temperature will be the same which will, in turn, helps to remove the fog.

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